There are many ways in which you can buy a bathroom in North Wales. Once of the most common is to go into a bathroom showroom, there are many in North Wales, decide on a bathroom that takes your fancy and buy it. The bathroom showroom often prefer you to arrange your own fitting or installation (less hassle for them) or they have someone on hand to do it for you. You may well then decide to employ a tiler to sort out your tiles an electrician to sort out your lights and possibly a handyman to sort out things like mirrors and other items of bathroom furniture you may want. North Wales is also full of tilers, electricians and handymen, but this can take time and effort and co-ordinating everything can leave you without a functioning bathroom for a while. There is another way. If you live anywhere in North Wales you could contact us. We can do everything for you from giving you some layout ideas to buying the right bathroom (using our purchasing discount) to installing everything.  All you would need to do is to chat to Tony for a bit and leave the rest to him. You will then walk into a completly finished bathroom in no time. It often works out cheaper. Why wait, see the rest of this website and contact Tony now.